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15 Facts And Figures To Make Your Resume Standout

using facts and figures to make your resume stand out

When applying for a job, a resume is a crucial tool because it enables you to visually represent your personality and business values. In other words, you have the chance to persuade the company to hire you based just on your resume.

Most businesses, however, are motivated by facts and data, showing that you are an asset who produces outcomes. Therefore, when creating your Resume for the first time, think about using these essential components to increase your chances of landing a job.

Your Resume will stand out to a hiring manager by using metrics that demonstrate your verifiable achievements. A possible employer will see that you can contribute to their objectives if they hire you if you quantify your skills using numbers in your Resume. In this post, we'll look at the benefits of including numbers in your resume, how to enhance them, and which numbers you should include.

New clients acquired

Getting new clients or customers for a business is known as client or customer acquisition. Developing a sustainable strategy that adapts to change and draws in prospective new clients is the aim of any customer acquisition. A company can demonstrate growth to investors and other stakeholders, boost profitability, and reinvest in expansion by acquiring new customers.

You can demonstrate how many clients you added, for instance. Additionally, you might estimate or include the amount of money earned from those new clients.

Increase in revenue

Revenue is the entire amount of money that a firm makes from activities like the selling of goods or services, the rental of real estate, or the interest on loans. The amount made from clients and customers before deducting expenses is referred to as revenue. You can demonstrate whether and how you contributed to any revenue growth for your former employer.

Client retention

Retaining clients or customers is how a firm makes sure that when a customer has tried a product, they will keep making purchases from the company. Any form of interaction with past customers or outreach can help to keep them as customers. The percentage of clients you maintain over time is known as your customer retention rate. You may convince a recruiter that you can keep clients coming back to your business by promoting your customer retention rate.

Website Traffic

Positions in website management involve tracking and boosting a company's website's traffic as well as a user's time spent there. Use statistics to demonstrate how, and by what means, there was a rise in website traffic at your former employer during your employment.

User engagement

User engagement describes how users engage with the material on a website or social media platform. Enhancing user interaction throughout a company's social media channels is a responsibility of social media or website management positions. You may demonstrate a rise in user involvement with figures or percentages, and you can quantify it by providing a methodology breakdown.


Subscriptions are used by businesses for goods, services, and content, and these businesses anticipate predictable revenue growth. To demonstrate your impact on subscriptions sold or renewed, utilize numbers.


Organizations that are charitable or nonprofit either operate by using donations to offer services or by raising donations to aid others. These organizations might have a committed individual who works with and approaches potential donations. Use numbers to demonstrate the overall amount of money you raised from both new and old donors as well as the number of additional donors.

Test Scores

The results of standardized achievement serve as indicators of a school's capacity for teaching. These exam results demonstrate students' grade-level knowledge and can demonstrate effective teaching strategies from primary to high school. These figures can be used by teachers to demonstrate improvements in their pupils' grades on their resumes.

Response times

Response times are used by many professionals, including those in customer service and emergency response, to gauge efficacy and efficiency. Quick responses to phone, email, and web chat enquiries from customers are frequent requirements for customer service positions. Use numbers to demonstrate your typical response time or to draw attention to improvements.

Budget management

A budget is a spending plan that is based on income or revenue, and it predicts how much money will be available for spending. Being able to manage a budget to find savings and keep track of spending is frequently a requirement for executives and other leadership roles.

Number of Referrals

A reference occurs when a current customer suggests your good or service to a potential client. Since there is often no exchange of money, this serves as a practical means of strengthening client relationships and generating new business. Referral figures on a resume might demonstrate how, in your capacity as a sales representative or other sales position, you expanded a clientele.

Awards won

An award celebrates an individual's success for completing a particular task or providing a certain service. Awards can recognize work done within a firm or in a particular industry and compare it to peers at other companies in the same industry. Salespeople may work to achieve a top seller award each quarter at their companies, or perhaps you were named employee of the month as a customer care representative.

Staff size

The number of individuals a leader supported or supervised is referred to as their staff size. The number of employees may depend on the size of the business or department. To demonstrate to a potential employer that you can successfully lead or support a group of people, include staff size numbers on your resume.

Staff retention

The ability of a business to retain quality people is referred to as staff or employee retention. The assumption is that a company's ability to retain employees will increase as the retention rate rises. Staff retention is frequently the responsibility of department managers, and this figure can demonstrate how well your methods are working to increase or sustain staff retention.

Audit Findings

Examining and confirming an organization's financial records is known as auditing. This frequently means that financial statements and auditors may come from both inside and outside of a corporation. After an accountant has finished their financial reporting, auditors start their work.

As you can see, there are many ways that using stats can boost your resume. What other figures can you think of that will help exemplify your success on your resume?

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