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The Most In-Demand Jobs Of 2022

Written by Mohammad Abdullah Kawish

With 2022 down to its last quarter, you might have begun planning for next year. However, now is an ideal time to enter the job market since it is simpler than ever to find high-paying roles with promotion opportunities and remote work benefits. But what are employers looking for? To answer that, we've provided a list of the top 10 in-demand positions in today's labor market, including their median US salary (according to Check it out and let us know what you think!

Elementary School Teacher ($74,219)

As an Elementary School Teacher, you're responsible for teaching the basics to students in grades K-5. Your responsibilities will include developing lesson plans, producing and grading exams and quizzes, and assisting your students in their success overall. If you want to be an elementary school teacher, you must be able to effectively teach courses such as arithmetic, English, and social studies. You must also be comfortable conversing with parents regarding their child's school performance, and with children who may have never been in school before.

This position requires a minimum of a Bachelors degree, with a Masters required for certain markets.

Market Research Analyst ($74,434)

Market Research Analysts oversee gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing information on goods and market circumstances to identify new prospective sales opportunities. You must be an excellent communicator if you want to work as a market research analyst, so being a proficient writer is extremely vital. If you love conducting research, this is one of the top occupations to consider applying for because they are in great demand.

A Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, mathematics, economics is usually required.

Accountant ($82,539)

Accountants must be able to draft financial statements and compile an organization's accounts in order to ensure that its records are proper, and taxes are submitted. As an accountant, you will most likely work for a business or as part of a corporation. It is also feasible to work as a freelance accountant.

A undergraduate degree in Accounting is necessary for entry level positions. CPA certification and a Masters degree is needed for upper level roles.

Management Analyst ($75,667)

If you love traveling and interacting with customers, you could be interested in working as a management analyst. Keep in mind that management analysts frequently work more than forty hours each week. You may expect to earn roughly $90,000 per year and spend most of your time developing ideas for how firms might function more effectively.

A Bachelor’s degree in Business or Data Analytics is required, graduate degree is preferred.

Registered Nurse, Level 1 ($95,100)

This is currently one of the most in-demand jobs. As a nurse, your job will be to ensure that every patient receives the best medical treatment possible. You will be responsible for identifying patient needs and monitoring treatment strategies. To work as a nurse, you must obtain an associate's or a bachelor's degree in nursing. You will also need to gain state certification.

A BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) and certification is necessary.

Software Developer ($89,690)

Do you like working with programming languages? If yes, you should search for work as a software developer. To build software applications, you must love collaborating with other coders. This will entail testing and debugging programs, incorporating user feedback to enhance programs, and developing algorithms.

Bachelors in Computer Science is very helpful, but more and more positions aren't requiring specific degrees.

Operations Manager ($132,741)

Operations Managers oversee an organization's organizational procedures. If you are employed as an operations manager, you will need to know how to increase workplace productivity and efficiency, be able to manage a budget, and write reports.

An undergraduate degree in Business is preferred.

Medical and Health Services Manager ($74,474)

If you want to help healthcare providers manage their commercial activities, you can search for a career as a medical and Health Services Manager. Although a bachelor's degree is required for employment as a medical and health services manager, workers in this position are more likely to have a master's degree.

You will likely need an MPA (Masters of Public Administration) or MPH (Masters of Public Health) in order to grow into this position.

Project Manager, Level 1 ($84,194)

This is one of the most in-demand positions since many firms are searching for somebody who can oversee project progress and keep them on track.

Setting project milestones and staying on top of deadlines are two of your responsibilities as a Project Manager. You will also need to interact with board members and executives regarding project requirements and finance.

Degree requirements vary here since it depends on the industry the role is in. Construction will require related degrees, while healthcare will require a healthcare degree, while IT will require a technical degree. So there is some flexibility here.

Financial Manager ($154,518)

Finance Managers devise financial strategies to assist firms in meeting their long-term financial objectives. You will need to prepare activity reports, financial predictions, and come up with strategies to save money for the business for which you work. You must be familiar with accounting software. Financial managers must also be effective communicators with the ability to make interesting presentations. A bachelor's degree in economics, business, or finance will provide you the highest chance of being employed as a financial manager.

A degree in Finance or Economics is required for this role.

And that's it. What do you think of this list? Do you have any ideas of other jobs that should be in the Top for 2022? Let us know.

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