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“Why Do You Want to Work Here?” Expert Advice on How to Answer That Question

ou finally got a job interview at that company you’ve been eyeing forever. You’ve prepared for this interview by planning your travel to the office, getting your suit cleaned, and printing your resume on the best paper. You’ve researched the interviewers and the role and have your entire spiel ready to explain why they should hire you.

At the end of the interview, you feel great! You’ve answered all the usual questions and displayed your expertise in a professional manner. Then the hiring manager asks, “So tell us, why you want to work here?”, and you freeze. It should be such an easy question to answer since you have loved this company for years, but because you didn’t think of how to answer without sounding like a fangirl, you now look like a deer in headlights.

That’s why you are here. Today we are going to show you how to respond to that dreaded question with confidence and leave the potential employer with a positive impression.

During job interviews, this question is often used to confirm that the candidate goals match the organization’s mission. It is also designed to determine whether you would be a fit with the existing team’s goals. Preparing for this question is process if you want to land the job.

We have prepared this to help you compile your own answer for this challenging question and statements to avoid.

Things to consider:

Have a winning response by being thoughtful and detailed.

Before your interview, do your homework by reviewing the company's recent press coverage, social media posts, Glassdoor employee evaluations, and the "mission” or “values" page on its website. Read some recent stories about the firm to get a feel of its current aims and efforts. Doing this allows you to respond to the question and specifically identify characteristics of the firm and position that appeal to you. When you demonstrate that you have gone beyond a company's site, you truly stand out as a prospect.

Respond with enthusiasm while describing how you will contribute to the company's success.

Your response should also stress what you can add to the company’s mission. Mention any talents or work experience that could directly affect the employer’s bottom line. If feasible, utilize numbers to demonstrate how you can bring value to the company.

Things to avoid:

“For the amazing salary.”

Employers will not hire you if you tell them, you are solely interested in money.

“I desperately need a job.”

It is fine to be honest, but not in this way. It may reflect poorly on your profile and indicate that the role does not really interest you.

“It will be a good opportunity for my career.”

This statement shows that you are seeking for a short-term opportunity with another aim in mind. In such case, why would a prospective employer hire you?

The point is, make sure you answer the question with the employer in mind. They want to know why they should hire you. You need to give them a slew of great reasons.

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