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3 Reasons Why You Should Customize Your Resume for Each Job Application

Written by Mohammad Abdullah Kawish and Irene Robertson

Every job application is an opportunity to land more interviews and increase your chances of getting your dream job. It’s no secret that a well-written resume can be the difference between getting an interview and being ignored. But how do you write a quality resume? Our first tip - read the job posting thoroughly and find out what the company needs. Then tailor your resume to address why you’re the right person for that position.

When you make your resume stand out, you take advantage of the opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Here are three reasons why you should take the time to customize your resume for each job posting:

Stand out from other applicants

Many job applications must pass through the AI of an ATS system, which scans for specific words in every resume. If those words are found in your resume, then the AI will forward it to a recruiter. If not, then you will likely get the dreaded, “Thank you for your application, but…”.

Since most job applicants send in the same cookie-cutter resume, it’s easy to get a jump on the competition by adapting your resume to include key words from each job posting. Your first goal is to survive the AI screening and get your resume in the front of a human being. Keep this in mind.

Shows You Pay Attention to Details

If you can paint a picture for the recruiter that you have exactly what they are looking for, and how you can help them achieve their goals, you will win the interview. That demands that you customize your resume to show potential employers that you took the time to research the company to gain a better understanding of its culture and needs. Illustrate that you comprehend what the job truly entails, and how the skills you have, address their requirements.

Demonstrates Your Interest

Modifying your resume shows the employer that you are truly interested in the position, not just blanketly applying to every job you see. It demonstrates that you have a purpose, and direction in where you want your career to go. You understand that a job is more than the hours you are on the job, but also what you can contribute to the company. Getting hired is a two-way street, and a great job seeker knows that the relationship must fit for all parties involved.

If you find, during your job search, that you are not getting the results you expected, try doing a deep dive customization of your resume. It’s one of the best ways to make your application stand out from all the others.

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